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Vous souhaitez une création 100% personnalisée ?

Tell us about your project

Do you have a specific model in mind? Can't find what you want in our collection?
Don't panic! Trust us and talk to us about it.

We will set a free quote to best meet your expectations.

For the sake of ease, all special orders will be processed as a priority in Paris.

Namely: we work with our own fabrics except the WAX that will be provided by you.

request and validation of the quote 

After careful consideration of your application, we will proceed with the estimate free of charge.

If it is right for you, we will ask you to validate it.

(i) Deadlines will be provided at the time of the estimate.

payment and creation of your application

In order to validate your order, we will ask you for a deposit. Once it is paid, we will take care of the garmentin in our division in the Paris region.

Following the finalisation of the payment your order will be sent to you or to come and withdraw in our pole in the Paris region.

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